Tri-City Concrete delivers all products, with the exclusion of concrete. Sadly, the company no longer has the ability to deliver concrete. As delivery trucks aged and the uncertainty of remaining in business with the forced eviction. They chose not to purchase new delivery trucks.

Current products include:

• U-Haul Concrete
• Sands and Gravels
#2 Plaster Sand
Fill Sand
Concrete (aggregate) Sand
-Inch x Dust
Base Rock
x Granite
3/8th Pea Gravel
x 1-Inch Gravel
Concrete Mix
3/8 Concrete Mix

• Rebar Steel (3/8, 1/2, and 5/8 sizes)

• Quickrete Products (13 types, including lime and mortar clay)

• Cement Bags (II, III, and plastic)

• Concrete Tools

Tri-City Concrete is still moving into its new location and plans to offer additional products including decorative rocks, white cement and Type V Cement in the near future. Please call if you aren't sure if we carry a product that you need and we'll let you know. If we don't carry it, our goal is to let you know where you can find it.

987 Waterbird Way, Martinez, CA 94553